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11/ things I love about YeolJong: 
Whispering to each other ㅡㅂㅡ


Anatomy with Infinite; 2/7 - Hoya


we are arashi

I’m not Tumblr Famous. I still smile when I gain a follower and get upset when I lose one. It makes me happy seeing that there are other people on my blog than just me and when someone reblogs something I posted it makes me feel warm inside. I love and appreciate all of my followers. Reblog if you do too.

What I wish from my parents?…..I believe that there is nothing that parents HAVE to do for their children. I’m thankful that they took care of me to be the person I am today. I just want them to think about themselves now more than they do of us. Since my father has trouble moving at times, they’ve always said that they ‘just want to live until the day Dongwoo gets married’ but I feel like they can do more than that…. I want my father to be healthy.

Dongwoo [072614 - ‘Quiz that Changes the World’]  (via nmwhn)

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make me choose: woohyun’s hair styled up or down?